• September 26, 2022

The Best Places to Visit in Greece: Athens and Western Greece

Vacations are an important part of life; taking some time off will refresh and reset your mind, allowing you to go back to work with a clear head and ready to take on what’s ahead. Traveling to Greece would be an excellent experience if you wish to travel back in time and see many historic places and de-stressing beaches. Greece is a safe place for travelers and attracts countless different tourists each year, either family, couples, or solo tourists seeking a unique trip. Let us dive deep into the beautiful nation of Greece.

The Country of Greece

Greece is the center of Western Civilization, the birthplace of democracy, ancient history, impressive temples, and incredible beaches. The metropolis of Greece and the largest city is Athens, known as the world’s oldest city and has historical temples. In Western Greece, there are many beautiful beaches for families to visit where you can go sunbathing. You can try Greek island hopping tours, explore ancient ruins, and a lot more that will undoubtedly be worth seeing.

Tourist Attraction in Athens and Western Greece


Milos is a volcanic Greek island with numerous beaches to hop on. You can explore Sarakiniko beach, the most popular and most photographed beach in Milos, with the deep blue color of the sea and landscapes formed by volcanic rocks; numerous visitors love taking photographs here. Likewise, you can spend time in Plathiena Beach, which has soft sand and shallow water; the kids will undoubtedly enjoy great snacks, a beach bar, and a guaranteed best place for relaxation.


Santorini is also a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is the number one summer destination worldwide and the most famous island. Santorini Greece vacations are beyond comparison to any other in the world; most families enjoy hanging around here for a prolonged break because they can’t leave the beautiful sight of this spot.

You can also visit the so-called Santorini’s “Black Beach,” the Perissa Beach, a laid-back resort with a great selection of excellent hotels, bars, and restaurants. There are also many adventures to go on once you get tired of simply relaxing around a swimming pool or the beach.


Pylos is a former municipality in Western Greece, inhabited since Neolithic times; it has the most important Mycenaean palace in Greece, known as the “Great Palace of Nestor,” once surrounded by a fortified wall, occupied with many artifacts found from 1300 BC. You can take a calming walk along the shoreline in Divari Beach.

Zakynthos City

Referred to as a summer resort in Western Greece, Zakynthos has a lot of famous beaches, including Alykanas and Tsilivi, that offer swimming and water sports activities. The main attraction of Zakynthos is Navajo Bay; the white sand of the beach will blind your eyes; a high semicircular wall of rocks surrounds this magical place that makes it reachable only by ship.


Naxos is an island with many things to offer its visitors, such as fantastic beaches, archeological sites, tasty food, various hiking courses, and windsurfing/kitesurfing places. Naxos is a place that can satisfy any taste. If you are traveling with family and want a more convenient vacation, you can try getting a full family package for a worry-free getaway.


If you are trying to find a great place for vacation, you have got everything you want in the country of Greece. One of the bests locations worldwide to be at, to make good memories and spend time with our loved ones, from historical sites to islands and beaches, perfect for photography. The country of Greece is beyond great. It is paradise.