• April 19, 2024

Moving Your Loved One to a Retirement Community

Inevitably, many households will have to use assisted living facilities for their elderly members. Choosing the right environment for a family member is never simple. So that you can make an informed choice, we’ve developed a list of the most important factors. Because you’re an older adult, you’re part of the sandwich generation and interested in this topic. This means you’ll likely be shouldering some of the grandparental duties and those of raising your children and parents. Read on for advice on what to look for in a senior housing facility.

What type of care do they require?

The level of care needed should be the primary factor in selecting a home for an elderly person. Is it safe for them to move about the house? Can they give themselves their pills? Can they prepare their meals, wash their clothes, and use the restroom when necessary? Do you think they’ll need a lot of supervision?

Assessing the senior’s self-care skills could help determine the best setting for them to live in. The nature of the care needed constrains the range of options. Family members can also provide care; however, your physical and time limitations should be considered.

How vital is it to have a sense of community?

After determining the level of care your loved one needs, you may investigate assisted living facilities. The peace of mind you provide for your loved ones will

Communities dedicated to the elderly are known as “senior living communities,” They encompass a wide variety of housing options that enable seniors to interact with their generation. Consider the two most common choices: assisted living facilities and independent living communities. The level of care provided to residents is the main differentiator between independent and assisted living.

Independent Living Facility

In choosing to place a loved one in a Fullerton independent living facility, you may ensure that they can continue to live as independently as possible while still having access to necessary assistance. Those who can care for themselves without outside help may want to consider moving to an independent community. An independent living community may be the best option for your family member who can take care of themselves but does not want the responsibilities of homeownership.

Assisted Living Facility

Moving a family into an assisted living facility may be more challenging. Recognizing the need for supplementary assistance may be challenging for both the elderly person and their loved ones. Seniors who can no longer watch for themselves alone will reap the benefits of independent living for seniors. Nursing staff and other caregivers are available to help seniors with activities of daily living, but they do not provide round-the-clock monitoring.

Would they be more comfortable at home?

It may be necessary to do routine checks on some people who are aging in place. They can be cared for in the comfort of their own home while also receiving the medical attention they require. Personal care and companionship provided right in the comfort of their own home could be very helpful to them. Family members can work together to figure out what tasks they can do to help around the house. Your loved one will feel less lonely if you visit them frequently at home.

How much does it cost?

You may need to do some budgeting for the family if you’re a close relative. Suppose you want to age in place or aid a family member with moving costs. In that case, you may want to evaluate your savings, the cost of retirement communities, credit card eligibility, or personal line of credit to prepare you financially. A well-thought-out financial strategy will alleviate some pressure.


Your parent’s future quality of life can be best predicted by observing the other inhabitants. Do they seem engaged and happy? Do they keep themselves motivated and challenged by participating in creative or athletic pursuits? Seeing the neighborhoods in person is a necessary step. The ease with which one can now do a web search and draw conclusions without doing much preliminary investigation is a major problem in today’s environment. Go there and spend some time, eat some of the food, and chat with the staff.