• November 27, 2022

How to Restore Your Home After Fire and Smoke Damage

We have had some mad Michigan weather this past year. The weather has gone from the outside cold with a ton of snow and ends overnight. As many of you know with strange weather comes several natural disasters. One such disaster recently struck too close for comfort. 

Our friends have a fireplace that they utilize silence frequently. So when it recently was bitter cold they determined that it was a fantastic idea to use the fireplace. That seems pretty benign? The thing is after the fire ash was left. Our neighbor washed out the fireplace and place the ashes in a metal bucket that he then placed on the wood deck. Because the weather was pretty windy and dry the wood was in ripe condition to use the heat out of the metal bucket to create a smoldering fire. This fire smoldered for hours finally yanking the floor joist on flame. By the time they had returned from work later the house was engulfed in smoke along the smoldering fire had caused significant damage to their flooring in the living room area which is off of the porch.

Added on top of the harm that was already created by the fire was that the harm is done to get rid of the smoldering fire below the home. Once the firefighters added the water the home literally disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Their first instinct was to run in and instantly start putting their lives back in order. Of course, this isn’t necessarily the very first action homeowners should take when they find themselves in a scenario involving smoke and fire damage. Below are a few strategies to consider before rushing in to clean your home following a fire.

1st Tip – Contact your insurance company. Your agent will be able to recommend an expert smoke and fire damage restorer. Frequently they will assist with tips to prevent further harm.

2nd Tip – once you’ve determined it’s safe to enter into your home via and determine, with the professional flame restorer, go through the house and determine what things can and can’t be refurbished.

3rd Tip – Get the air circulating throughout your home. Open all windows, doors and have fans operating at all times. If you’re in the warmth of summer it’ll be best to possess the air conditioner running together with a dehumidifier. If fire and smoke harm happen to your home in the winter, operate the furnace that will get rid of moisture. Keep fans going and be certain that you modify the filters every day to prevent soot build up.

4th Tip – Dry all of it thoroughly. Notably carpets, bedding, and furniture. This can help prevent mold and mildew.

5th Tip – Place cling wrap under the legs on all furniture involved with the flame. It is also important when dealing with things not directly involved in the fire that remain clean to cover them with plastic to prevent damage.

6th Tip – Hire a professional to come in and deodorize the home. It’s also important that thick drapery be routed out to be cleaned. Soot is oily and stinky. You really cannot get certain larger items fresh all on your own.

7th Tip – Take your time in repairing your property. A comprehensive project is always better than one done in haste.

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