• September 26, 2022

How to Restore Home Contents After a Fire

Fires are one of the biggest disasters in America. However, while a few fires are a total reduction, not all they are. From time to time, fires are somewhat smaller in scale, resulting in partial structural damage. In these cases, the contents of this home can usually be salvaged. But then, there is usually substantial smoke/soot damage to the contents of the house. When dealing with house fire damage, always hire a professional restoration firm and emergency cleanup services, such as PuroClean, that understands how to wash smoke damage from house contents. Here is how we can do it.

How to clean smoke damage from materials:

1. Safety comes first

The first concern in every fire damage cleanup situation is safety. Restoration professionals can take steps to make sure all workers and others entering a construction after a fire are safe. The construction must be secure before the test and restoration. Click here to learn more.

Additionally, remember that, following a fire, indoor air comprises floating smoke and soot particles. Smoke/soot particles are Products of Incomplete Combustion (PIC). All these are carcinogens and are dangerous. When cleaning up smoke/soot, it’s very important to wear a respirator, like an N-95 or even N-100. Using gloves and other protective garments will also protect against soot exposure. Ventilation is key to allowing contaminants from the atmosphere outside.

2. Assessing the damaged things

The next step is to determine which items must be cleaned and where, as well as which items to discard. Price and classic worth are key consideration factors. Professionals assess the affected things as promptly as possible, as soot can produce additional damage in a matter of hours or days, depending on the material.

Oftentimes, things that have never been damaged right by the flame or by excessive heat shouldn’t be discarded. Luckily, we understand how to clean smoke damage from salvageable products.

Most textile goods like draperies and bedding will be taken to some laundry or dry-cleaning facility. Other restorable items, such as furniture, might be cleaned inside the home or sent to an outside location.

Food items must be treated with care. Any open things should be thrown away. Unopened items in original packaging that was away in the warmth can be considered secure. If there’s any doubt, throw away the items.

Keep in mind that melted or discolored plastic items can’t be restored, just cleaned.

3. Creating an inventory

When a “pack out” (taking contents into a cleaning center) is needed, our technicians will maintain careful records for items taken, the place of these items, and the condition of the things when eliminated. In other situations, we might determine that conditions allow for cleaning and keeping the contents within the house, or maybe the garage. An inventory of all lost items is vital to receiving compensation when submitting an insurance claim.

4. Cleaning the influenced contents

Our restoration specialists will perform testing to determine the appropriate product and mix ratio to use on every item. Now’s restoration professionals will utilize environmentally friendly products for many cleaning and cleaning processes. This is a significant consideration when choosing a restoration firm.

Then, they begin to gently remove soot from each restorable item — either at the house or at another location. The cleaning method is dependent on the product, such as kitchen utensils, dishes, toys, clothes, bedding, draperies, and more.

5. Removing the odor

Odor issues arrive with smoke/soot damage. After the cleaning procedure, the majority of the smoke odor will be removed. Yet, if there is still a small odor, then we might add an extra step to the recovery procedure. This may incorporate ozone or hydroxyl deodorizing, as appropriate. Find out more about smoke odor removal.

For fire damage restoration, contact the PuroClean restoration pros!

When the contents of your home are ruined from smoke/soot, mitigating the flame damage, cleaning, and restoring the contents into their pre-loss condition is a task for restoration professionals. PuroClean technicians know how to clean smoke damage from materials ethically and professionally. When you call us, we will mitigate the reduction and restore your property using innovative equipment and techniques. Visit our website for more information.